We were challenged to create a one of a kind event that reimagines the live music experience. We partnered with Interscope Records to construct a world from BØRNS' new EP, Candy. Our team concepted, designed, and fabricated Lucid Candy, a night where live music meets immersive narrative. We transformed a thirteen thousand square foot warehouse into the elaborate dreamscape of BØRNS' subconscious.  Even Mashable had some thoughts.


Experiences in the from included (from top left to bottom right): a check-in area with "sleeping pills" with BØRNS "Ø" in the form of M&Ms, a black light mural representing a portal of electric love, a cloud room ruled by a Queen of Hearts, and a glitter cactus wasteland inhabited by a beautiful female astronaut.

In addition, here is a timelapse on creating one of the more popular rooms of the experience -- The Electric Room.