Fellow Virginian, friend, and DJ for rapper Logic, DJ Rhetorik started a vlog that captures his life of tour, fitness and enlightenment earlier this year that he titled "Off The Rhekord" and asked me to create the motion graphic/logo for his ongoing vlog (below on the right). You can view the first episode below on the left as well as the rest of the episodes here


In addition, DJ Rhetorik and I worked with Pin Drop for a collection of pins that he titled "More Than Meets the Eye" that centered around the idea of intelligence and opening one's third eye and together we brought the idea to fruition by creating illustrations of Rhetorik, Shia Labeouf, and DJ Khaled as "awakened ones." You can view Rhetorik's full explanation here as well

Check out the illustrations and actual pins below. Purchase here

In addition, DJ Rhetorik created a weekly playlist release called "Pass the Aux" where renowned friends of his such as up-and-coming rappers, DJs, executives, and other personalities would share what they would listen to at the moment. Rhetorik's vision was to parody Michaelangelo's "Creation of Adam" painting. Check out the playlists here as well as examples of the cover art below.