Around mid-2016, Virginia-based musician, saxophonist, and King of TrapScat Masego released a collaboration with duo BrassTracks titled "Melanin Man" celebrating black pride and expressionism. I created a promo and branding for it for Masego to release on his Instagram.

To go along with this empowering song, Masego has also gone on tour to close 2016 with a tour rightfully titled "The Melanin Man" tour. I created the tour posters for the US and European tours. 

Masego's performance have to match the natural energy he brings to the stage so in addition I also created concert visuals for The Melanin Man tour that highlight TrapScat, the concept of shining, Masego's dopeness as a saxophone player, and his band The TrapHouse Jazz Band. Check out the visuals in actual in some of his tweeted videos above and a compilation of the videos below.